Nick Gonzalaz

Growing up by the coast right outside of Corpus Christi, I have always gravitated towards Austin and the open mindedness of the city and its culture. Not only did the culture attract me but the music scene as so many others can agree upon. I've seen dozens of concerts throughout my life and many of those have been here. It's is also here where I began my career in the bar industry (9 years +)and I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people along the way. Most recently I've been fully involved in the craft cocktail scene so I am excited to bring my knowledge and expertise to The Wheel. I'm also just as excited to crack open a tall boy and pour a shot, talk sports, movies, music, or tv shows. When I'm not behind the stick you can catch me grabbing dinner at one of the amazing restaurants in the city, having a cocktail, or catching a live show somewhere. Come on by and say hi, Cheers y'all