Rory Pierce

All Around Good Guy

Hailing from Northeast, I’ve learned a little somethin’ about customer service. Whether the focus is on quality clothing / home goods, or the intricacies of a simple yet above-satisfactory cocktail, I’ve always put my energy into pleasing the customers at hand. I moved to Austin in 2013 with some skepticism about this city (and this state). Here I am 7 years later wondering what my life would be without Austin. Working SXSW, funfunfun fest (rip) and every “slow” season in between, I realized quickly that it’s not every day that someone in the service industry gets to say that they love their work. I am truly passionate about making every decision I make, whether that be a new beer or some new grub, or something much larger. When I’m not at the bar you can likely find me spending quality time with my dog on my couch combing through hockey statistics, or the most recent round of vintage philly sports gear on eBay.